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Many new people of all ages are becoming interested in learning and improving in chess so today we are going to recommend the best chess websites to learn, so if you are one of the lucky ones who are discovering the wonderful world of chess this article will interest you.

We are going to show step by step the chess websites and how to access their sections for beginner players and how to use their tools for intermediate players who already know the basics of chess and wish to improve their game.

What are the best chess websites to learn ?

Now we will see which are the best chess websites to learn, we will show a step by step guide to use these tools and how to keep improving your chess.

It is one of the most famous chess websites in the world, where you can play against people from all over the world, do chess problems to improve, learn about new strategies and learn about everything related to the world of chess.

This website works with a membership to be able to access all the content and tools of the web, but the tools needed to learn chess are totally free.

Step to learn chess at

1- We need to create an account on the site (it is totally free to create an account).

best chess websites to learn
Click on the button that says "Sign Up".

2- Then we fill in the requested data.

best chess websites to learn acount
We enter the user name we want, our e-mail address and the password we want to assign to our account.
Then we select what you think is your chess level (we recommend that you select "new to chess" you will receive more help once inside your account).

3- Login to our account

best chess websites to learn login
Once inside your account, click on "learn".

4- Inside learn

Once inside "learn" we have to click on Lessons

5- In Lessons

best chess websites to learn lessons

In the guide tab you will find which lessons to take to learn chess.

Here we can find out how they move, how to play, how to capture the pieces, and even more advanced tactics and strategies.

Once you have completed all the lessons you will be ready to start playing chess games with whomever you wish.

Lichess is another of the most famous chess websites that exist, but unlike, Lichess is totally free, it is not necessary to pay anything to use all its functions (even so, you can donate to the administrators of the site if you like it and want to support the project).

Step to learn chess at

1- First we need to create an account

best chess websites to learn lichess
Click in the upper left corner where it says "Sign In".

2- Registration

best chess websites to learn lichess registration
Then click on "register".

3- Enter data

best chess websites to learn lichess
Now you enter the data you want your account to have, the user name, password and email address.
It will also ask you to accept the terms and conditions of the site (we don't have to be afraid, they are just terms related to the correct behavior inside the site, such as not cheating and having a good behavior towards your rivals).

4- Learn

best chess websites to learn lichess learn
click where it says "learn".

5- Inside learn

best chess websites to learn login inside learn

Here you will find everything you need to learn chess.

First they will teach you the movements and characteristics of each piece, then you will advance to the fundamental section where they will teach you more advanced things such as check, castling, until you reach advanced strategies and finally they will recommend you which are the next steps within the web to continue progressing in chess.

How to use best chess websites to learn

Here we are going to give some recommendations to be able to learn well with web pages.

Slow and steady

Take your time to learn all the basics well, such as the movement of the pieces, the ways to capture, check and checkmate. If you go too fast and do not understand all the basics and essentials first when you get into more advanced strategies you may not fully understand them or you will have gaps in your knowledge that will not allow you to fully understand the issues.

Practice what you learn

Putting into practice what we learn is a very good way to know if we have really learned and to internalize what we have just learned.

That is why it is better to dedicate one day to each lesson. For example, if we are learning how the rook moves, after taking the lesson let's allow time to practice until we realize that we have mastered it.

When you find yourself with more complex or difficult topics, if necessary you can dedicate more than one day or as much time as you think until you are very clear about what is being taught in the lesson.

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