Know Where To Find The Chess Problems To Improve Your Game


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One of the ways to improve our game is to solve a large number of chess problems, dedicating time to them every day, since in this way our brain will get used to see and find this kind of positions automatically.

What is a chess problem? What are tactical positions?

Before seeing where we can find these positions, let's first understand what are chess problems or tactical positions as they are popularly called by chess players.

A chess problem is a position in which one of the two sides can achieve advantage or victory directly thanks to a combination of moves. In these positions there is always only one correct solution (even if there are other options that achieve advantage, only the move that gives the greatest possible advantage is considered correct).

chess problem

There are also chess problems where what we must find is the correct defense or find the way to choke to achieve a draw in a desperate position but these problems are more advanced, generally in the vast majority of chess problems what we must do is find the best move.

Types of chess problems

Chess problems can be divided into two types, first the created problems and the problems taken from real games.

The problems created are positions that the players themselves create, these problems are called studies since they are usually complex and their solutions are usually very brilliant (there are chess titles and competitions where the creators compete).

chess problems types

And the real problems are those that occurred or could have occurred in a game played, these chess problems have different difficulties as when we play a game of chess, where we are presented with easier positions than others.

Where to find chess problems?

Now we will see the different places where we can find chess problems with different difficulties for all levels.


There is a lot of chess literature with an almost infinite amount of problems and also about studies or manufactured problems.

The book that we recommend for beginners who want to start training with "Chess problems, is the book by László Polgár" (the father of the world champion Zsuzsa Polgár) entitled Chess 5334 problems, combinations and games.
It is almost a Bible of chess problems where you will spend days and even months trying to solve the whole book.

Chess problems, is the book by László Polgár

"1001 Chess Exercises for Club Players: The Tactics Workbook That Also Explains all key Concepts" (a very long title xD) This book is a very good recommendation for players who have much more experience in the world of competitive chess, here you will find many exercises explained very well so you can use the concepts in your own games.

1001 Chess Exercises for Club Players The Tactics Workbook That Also Explains all key Concepts


On the internet you can find many exercises with different levels and on the topic you want to find. As well as a mixture of them and that only increase in level as we are solving them, among the most famous pages that can help us with these exercises are and

chess problem
lichess chess problems as well as have a section in their pages where we can solve an infinite amount of exercises.

Apps for smartphones

As in the web pages there are many apps for our cell phones that give us the opportunity to solve chess problems wherever we are.

chess problems apps

There are some apps that require an internet connection to solve the exercises and others that allow us to solve them without an internet connection.

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