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To progress in chess it is necessary to measure our progress in some way, so today we are going to learn how to find chess tournaments online and how to use them correctly to improve our game.

Perhaps many people are a little afraid to face other people who may be better than them or feel that they are not prepared to play a tournament, but as we will see later, testing ourselves, even with a little fear, nervousness or doubt is one of the most effective ways to know what our real level is and in what things we are failing.

Advantages of participating in chess tournaments online

As we said in the introduction of this guide, one of the advantages of testing in tournaments is that we will know more precisely what we should improve in our game or where we are failing.

Another advantage is that we can also measure our progress if we are already starting to train and improve our game, it is a very good opportunity to calibrate our training. Maybe we have already improved enough in what we are training and it is time to dedicate time to another subject in our chess.

It also gives us the opportunity to play against better players than us. It might seem that it is not a good idea to play against opponents that we will probably not be able to beat, but it is quite the opposite, as human beings one of our characteristics is that we learn from everything and by playing against better players than us we will gradually begin to train the strategies and tactics they use. This is one of the reasons why we need to put ourselves to the test against opponents better than us, against opponents that force us to get the best out of us.

How to find chess tournaments online?

In order to play chess tournaments online we need to have an account in two of the most famous and reliable platforms on the internet, I am talking about and

I recommend these websites to play online tournaments because they are the most reliable in terms of security measures so that players with bad intentions can not make any kind of cheating, both websites have a very good anti-cheating system.

Types of online chess tournaments

There are two types of online tournament formats: the arena system where you can play as many games as you can in a certain amount of time and the winner comes out of who has the most points within that time and the Swiss system where the number of games you play is already determined and the winner comes out of who has the most points at the end of the last round. 

Perhaps some of you have already heard about this website and its application for smartphones, which is one of the most downloaded apps when it comes to chess and where most players gather to play games.

For this guide we will use the app.

First what we have to do to be able to play an online chess tournament at is to have an account created and then log in to our account.

Once inside our account we have to click on the "Play" button.

Chess Tournaments Online play

Now we will see all the options we have to play a game within the app and the one we want in this case is "tournaments" and that is where we must touch to show us the tournaments we can play now.

Chess Tournaments Online tournaments

Here we will be able to see all the tournaments to which we will be able to register to play.

Once we find some that we want to play it is only necessary to touch the tournament and register.

Chess Tournaments Online join

It must be the second most famous chess platform where also millions of chess games are played every day and of course it also has chess tournaments online.

Just like we need to have an account at lichess and log in to our account.

Once inside we have to tap on the three lines at the top left to show us the menu.

Chess Tournaments Online lichess menu

Here we can select the type of tournament we want to play.

Chess Tournaments Online lichess type tournaments

Here you can find the tournaments that are available, the time they start and end, and the pace of play of each tournament.

Chess Tournaments Online lichess join

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