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Thanks to the world events of recent times many things moved to the internet, even chess was affected. Nowadays many people are looking for online chess lessons in order to learn and improve their level.

That is why today we will show you some platforms and websites where you can take chess lessons online, we are going to show you one of the best chess academies.

What are online chess lessons?

Online chess lessons are chess classes that are conducted over the internet using platforms such as Zoom for 1-on-1 classes or the help of pre-recorded videos for classes or academies that are for a large number of people.

Being online has a great advantage over face-to-face classes and it is the time we save mobilizing ourselves, since we can take them anywhere we are and we can even take chess lessons online with our own smartphones.

Online Chess Lessons website

And in the case of the academies they have another great advantage and that is that we can take the classes when it suits us best, as they are recorded classes, it is up to us when we see them and how many classes we take.

The Best Online Chess Academy

Now let's talk about the best online chess academy, I'm talking about ChessMood an academy guided by a great team of chess grandmasters (click here to learn more).

Their very well qualified teachers besides being happy to teach you also do events within the same academy so that you can learn and deepen much more about the topics they teach.


If you are looking for a place where your chess education is taken seriously, ChessMood is the perfect academy for you.

Don't miss this opportunity to take control of your future with a 20% discount on any of their plans.

Claim your discount by clicking on the following button and Lichess - Most Famous Websites

Two of the most famous platforms in the chess world are and Lichess where besides finding online chess lessons we will also find the perfect places to put into practice all the topics and strategies we are learning.

The only small or big disadvantage is that all the lessons are scattered all over the web without much order so if we do not know for sure what our level is or what we really need to learn to improve our level, we could get overwhelmed by the excess of information without knowing where to start. But if we already know what we are missing and what we need to learn, this platform contains a lot of material for us to take online chess lessons on our own and totally free (in it is necessary to pay a membership to access all its content).

Social networks

Another way to get online chess lessons is through social networks where many highly skilled chess coaches offer their services to give either group lessons or 1 on 1 classes.

Online Chess Lessons social network

You just need to have an account on social networks like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or any other and search for "chess lessons" and as a result there will be many good options of teachers who will be happy to guide you with their online chess lessons, all of course with rates that will depend on each teacher and the service they offer.

(If you want to know how to find a good chess coach do not hesitate to consult our special guide).


You should always keep in mind what your objectives in chess are and tell them to the person you choose to guide you on the path you want, you should always have the focus on your goal.

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