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06/07/2023 - Actualizado: 20/07/2023

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As we have said before, there are many chess courses on the internet, so many that it could be confusing where to start, so today I am going to show you a platform that will guide you and help you to achieve your chess goals.

They have a very qualified team to guide you and they will welcome you like a family, they have a free study plan, more than 300 hours of chess courses explained step by step, a great community willing to help each other. In short, the perfect place to learn and improve in chess without leaving your home.

The platform I talk about and recommend is ChessMood. In this guide we are going to learn about it and why it is one of the best platforms to learn chess.

What is ChessMood?

As we said, it is a platform where they help you achieve your goals in chess, with chess courses, events with great masters transmissions, 1vs1, video calls, etc.

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His methodology of teaching is not only theory in videos and that's it, but within his way of teaching is also the practice and improvement of the knowledge learned, two important keys to improve in anything we want.

Who will teach us at ChessMood?

Something that is very important is to know who will be the people who will educate us and help us achieve our goals.

Hovhannes Gabuzyan an Armenian Grandmaster with an Elo pick of 2622, champion of the championship of Armenia 2017 and 2021.

Boris Avrukh, an Israeli grandmaster with an Elo pick of 2668, coached world class players such as Vladimir Kramnik-Wesley So-Fabiano Caruana- Boris Gelfand.

Avetik Grigoryan an Armenian grandmaster with an Elo pick of 2622, trainer of many Grandmasters and international masters for 10 years.

Robert Hovhannisyan an Armenian grandmaster with an Elo pick of 2650, part of the Armenian team champion of the world team championship in 2011.

Hrant Melkumyan an Armenian grandmaster with an Elo pick of 2678, in the top 100 players.

These are just some of the Grandmasters who teach their knowledge in ChessMood.

As we can see they are all great chess masters with a very high level not only playing chess but also teaching it to their students.

Why become part of the ChessMood family?

Now let's see what they offer us once we decide to be part of their big family.
First they will welcome you with a call with a grandmaster where they will ask you about what are your goals in chess, as they understand that everyone has different goals either to improve their level or perhaps get a chess title. In the same call the grandmaster will provide you with a study plan tailored to your needs.

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Access to all your chess courses

Have access to more than 300 hours of videos (about openings - middlegames - endgames). All the chess courses are made to be a profitable experience so that the knowledge is learned in a simple way (step by step).

chess course

Exclusive events to consolidate learned knowledge

They also make transmissions, webinars and to play against the great masters, all this in order to practice and reinforce the knowledge learned. Remember that it is very important to practice what we have learned, because if we do not use our knowledge for a while our brain will erase it.

chess event

Tests and supporting material

At the end of the chess courses, it offers you the opportunity to take a quiz to check if you have learned the knowledge well and also the PGNs (all the lines and notes about the course) to review when you think it is necessary.

A great community willing to help

If there is something better than learning chess, is learning chess together, a possibility offered by the great community of ChessMood, where you can expose your doubts, find a partner to practice a particular position or opening and more activities for the benefit of everyone's learning.

Gift to YOU

We have a gift for you, we want you to learn at the lowest possible price so if you enter from the following link you will be able to be part of this beautiful family with a 20% discount on any plan you choose.

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