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With the great boom of chess in recent times, many online chess clubs have been created with many types of themes related to video games, great chess players of the past, by countries, soccer teams, cities, celebrities, among many other topics.

That is why in today's guide we are going to show you where to find these online chess clubs and we are going to comment on the benefits that being part of a chess club has for our chess level.

What is an online chess club?

An online chess club as well as on-site chess clubs are places where chess players gather to play chess games, share, compete, train and improve their own game.

Many times tournaments are held where the best players of each club face each other to find out which is the best club of the tournament.

Other times the clubs lend their facilities for chess related trainings such as, for example, courses for chess monitors (courses where people are trained to give chess classes), courses for chess trainers (where people are trained to give chess classes for a more competitive level) and courses to train chess arbiters (where people are trained to arbitrate chess tournaments).

Where to find an online chess club?

There are two platforms where we can find online chess clubs. (In computers the guide is the same, only that we use the mouse instead of the finger.)


First we have Lichess one of the most recognized platforms in the world of chess and where many people get together to play chess games every day, also train their chess with tactics exercises and it is also a place where many communities or clubs get together to play games against other chess clubs or to compete among the same club members and best of all is that all Lichess functions are totally free.

1- In order to be part of a club in Lichess you must first have an account created on the website (see our guide to find out how).

2- Then we have to go to the community category and click on "Teams".

online chess club lichess teams

3- Once we are already inside we will find the most famous teams and with more members of all the web. We will also find a search bar if we want to search for a specific club or for a specific topic.
At the top we can see a tab so that, if we wish, we can create our own team.

online chess club lichess teams search

4- Once we find the club we want to join, we have to click on its name and once inside ask to join, click on "Join Team" (there are some clubs where we have to fill out a small application to join and others where it is not necessary).

online chess club lichess join team

Now we will see how to be part of an online chess club in another of the most recognized chess platforms in the world, such as where, just like Lichess, many people visit it with the intention of improving their chess either by playing games, training with their exercises, watching the broadcasts and chess events they organize.

1- In order to be part of a club we still need to have an account on the web.

2- We have to click on the three lines at the top left to display a menu, in which we have to click on "social" and then on "clubs".

3- Once we enter the category of clubs, we will find several categories to help us find a good club for us, we also have a search bar for us to search on our own and some clubs recommended by the same page.

online chess club chess club

4- Once we have found the club we want to join we have to click on the green button for the admin to review our request and we will be directly part of the club if it is open to the public.

online chess club chess club join

Advantages of Being Part of an Online Chess Club

Being part of a community where you have the same tastes and also share the passion for chess has many benefits.

It is much easier to progress and improve our game when we share with people who like similar things to ours.
It is a great opportunity to meet new friends and even training partners.
It is also a great place to find a mentor or someone to help us improve our game, we can ask them what we should do to improve our game.

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