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There is a phase of chess that not many people like, but mastering it or knowing the basics will help us to win many points and save many other points. We are talking about chess endgame training, many do not like to train endgames and prefer to train other things like opening, tactics, strategy and other areas of their chess before dedicating some time to the endgame.

But today we are going to show chess endgame trainings that you can use to make practice more fun and also give some fundamental reasons why you should be an endgame expert first and foremost.

What are endgames in chess?

The endgame in chess is that phase of the game where there are usually very few pieces left, usually no more than 2 major pieces and a pair of pawns next to the king.

This is the phase where the king becomes an attacking piece, since there are very few pieces left and there is no danger of checkmate.

Chess Endgame Training post

And as we said in the introduction many people do not like to train endgames, this is because they are usually very technical, they are very linear where the moves have to be precise and where there are also many subtleties (where a square can be the difference between losing and winning).

But the fact that most people do not like to practice endgames in chess is a great opportunity for us to become experts in endgames and win many points thanks to our good level in this phase of the game and the poor level that others will have for not practicing them.

That's why today we bring you these chess endgame trainings so that the final phase of chess becomes your best weapon.

Chess Endgame Training

We are going to show two super effective ways of chess endgame training.

Practice endings against the engine

One of the most effective ways is to practice the ending .against the computer many times until we get it very clear.


One place where we can do this type of training without problems is as follows:

1- First we have to enter

2- Once inside the website, click on the button that says "Tools".

Chess Endgame Training lichess web

3- Then click on the three lines "Menu".

Chess Endgame Training lichess menu

And then where it says "Board editor".

Chess Endgame Training board editor
This is so that we can edit the position and put the one we want to practice.

4- In the board editor it will appear as follows

Chess Endgame Training Board editor 1

It will appear with all the pieces set, but we need to set the position ourselves and for that we have to click where it says "Clear Board".

Chess Endgame Training clear board
This will leave the board completely empty and ready for us to put the finish we wish to practice.

5- Now we have to occupy the pieces that are at the top and bottom of the board to put the position we want.

Chess Endgame Training clear board

6- Once the position we want to practice is set, we have to put the color of the side whose turn it is to play.

Chess Endgame Training to play

7- And finally we have to click where it says "Continue From Here" and choose "Play With The Computer", put the level we want with the computer and choose the color with which we want to play.

Chess Endgame Training continue from here

Another very good tool are the exercises of the web, where you can choose between the same web to show you random exercises for you to practice trying to solve them and measure in which endgames you have problems and which ones you master. There is also the option for you to practice some of the most common endgames in chess.

Chess Endgame Training

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