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After learning the basics of chess, many players want to learn more about the game, they want to learn more advanced techniques and strategies. Thanks to the Internet, there are many online chess tutorials that seek to help those who want to raise their chess level.

That is why today in this guide we are going to show you where you can find the best online chess tutorials so that you can improve your game. We will also give you some tips on how to learn and add this knowledge to your chess arsenal.

Where to find online chess tutorials

Now let's see where we can find online chess tutorials, what level of chess is recommended for and how to use them.

Lichess is one of the most recognized chess platforms in the world, people from all over the world come together on this online platform to play chess games, to comment on famous games on their blogs, to train with their chess problems and also to see the online chess tutorials that the users themselves upload to the platform.

To find your tutorials we have to follow the following steps:

1- You enter (it is not necessary to have an account created to view its online tutorials)

2- Then we have to put the mouse over “watch” (without clicking) this will display a menu and in that menu we click on “video library”.

online chess tutorial lichess

3- Here we will find a large number of tutorials from which we can learn

online chess tutorial lichess

On the left side of the screen we will find categories by which we can search more precisely the topic we want to learn about, on the top right side we will also find a search bar for more precision. is another of the best chess platforms and is also among the most famous worldwide, which like Lichess gathers a large number of players who wish to play chess games online.

One of the differences with Lichess is that on it is necessary to pay a membership fee to access the full content.

In order to access the online chess tutorials at we need to follow the following steps:

1- First we need to log in to our account (it is not necessary to pay to create an account on the platform).

2- Once inside we have to click "learn".

online chess tutorial

3- Once inside "learn", we can see the category of "Lessons" where you will find tutorials for players who are just starting in the world of chess, the category of "openings" where you can find a selection of tutorials on the most popular chess openings and in "Endgames" there are also many tutorials to master all the most important chess endgames.


YouTube is the most famous video platform in the world where many people upload all kinds of videos and of course many chess tutorials, an almost infinite amount of videos about chess.

It is only necessary to be clear about what we are looking for and the level to which we belong, since there are content creators for different levels.


And finally we have Google itself where we can find an infinite amount of online chess tutorials in different formats such as blogs, videos, courses, chess academies.

But having so much material it is also difficult to decide what we should learn, so it is very important to be very clear about what we want to learn or improve in our chess.

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