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Many players who already know the basics of chess want to progress and take their game to a new level of mastery. One thing that is very important for them to do if they want to progress is to learn from the best chess players in the world.

That's why today in this guide we are going to show you how to find the games of the best players in the world.

Best Chess Players | On the web pages

There are web pages where games of the best chess players of the moment are compiled.

It is a website that is dedicated to recompile the games of all the best players in the history of chess.

best chess players

When you enter the web you will find this home page, where you will directly find the search menu.

In the top search bar, you can search by the name of the player whose games you want to see or also if it has more information, for example, the year in which the game you are looking for was played, the opening you want to find games from or the number of moves played (this is useful to search for short games that usually end thanks to a trap in the opening).

It is a website that like the previous one has a database of the games that have been played by the best chess players of the moment but unlike the previous website this one is easier to use and it is recommended for those who are just starting to review games of the chess professionals.

best chess players

First we will find this search menu, where we can search for the player we want by the color that played the game (if what we want to search is a specific game or we want to see a compilation of a certain player playing against one of the two colors) and we can also search by opening or opening code (ECO code).

best chess players 1

We can also search by position, where we put the position on the board and the web is responsible for searching in their databases all the games in which the position was given.

In this case we can choose in which database the web should search, there is the Big Database where it will search among a large number of games regardless of the level of the players and you can also configure it to search in the Masters Database park only search in games where the players have over 2400 ELO points.

It also has an opening explorer where we can go through the moves and at the same time see what is most played in those positions and what is the winning percentage for each color along with the percentage of ties, in this case we can also change the database to only search among what is played in the games of the best chess players. y

Lichess and websites also have a section where you can search and review games of the best chess players of the moment.

This tool works in a similar way to the ones described above, just by being clear about what we want to search for is enough.

Chess books

Chess books are also a great help when it comes to learning from the best in the world, especially from earlier times, when chess engines did not yet dominate chess and all the comments of the authors are thanks to their knowledge and not to a machine that dictates the best moves.

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