How To Training Chess Openings For a Lethal Start

17/04/2023 - Actualizado: 27/06/2023

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To improve our chess, it is necessary to have a good level in all phases of the game, be it chess opening, middle games or endgames. The idea is to have a balanced level in all phases equally, although each of us, depending on his or her playing style, likes one phase more or has a better understanding of a particular phase.

Today we will focus on a particular method that has helped me a lot for training chess opening

Training Chess Openings

Training Chess Opening

Daily Chess

We will use the site to do this training chess opening (although it can be the site of your preference). On the online chess sites we are allowed to send challenges to a wide variety of times, the one we will use will be the daily or more than a day, depending on the time that each of us has to answer the moves.

In the daily rhythm we are allowed to review books on openings (not to be confused with the use of the module, this is totally condemned in all online chess sites with a permanent ban from the platform), in which we will explore the opening that we want to improve or learn, we will consult among the games that have been played to see what types of positions have been reached and which ones we like.


It is important for training chess opening that when we play and research we do it consciously, not just transfer moves, the idea being that we try to find out what the idea behind the move was, what kind of positions we are looking for, what the middlegame plans are, what pieces are important to hold, what the critical squares are for our pieces. We need to answer these questions as we research our game, and in doing so we will gradually gain insight into the opening we are playing.

Often we will not be able to answer all the questions that may arise during the game, so after the game, regardless of the result, it is important to analyze the game to see where we could have done better without the help of the module. After our analysis we will send it to the module, which will tell us about our tactical mistakes.

The software par excellence that will help us to compile a large number of games is ChessBase (Here is an article on how to get the most out of it)

Polishing the Chess Opening

To be really prepared for an opening, to become a specialist and turn it into one of our main weapons, it is necessary to play many games in this rhythm and learn from each of them.

In the beginning it is normal not to know what to do and we need more time for reflection to understand the idea of the chess opening; rather than the result, whether we win or lose, what is really important is what we learn from the game, the victories will come naturally once we improve our knowledge of the opening.

Active Learning

This type of training chess opening requires us to learn actively all the time, if we only watch videos or read about the chess opening (which can be perfect to get started and have a first look at the positions and ideas) we will never gain the necessary insight to get good results in a consistent way, for this it is necessary to experience the opening first hand by making mistakes and learning from them.

When Analyzing the Games

When analyzing the games it is very important that at the end of each analyzed line we come to a conclusion, such as "in this position White has a comfortable development", "in this position Black has a dynamic compensation", "this position is equalized", etc.

This not only helps us make clearer evaluations, but also helps our brain, which works better when the information is quantified, when it has a value that can be compared with another.

Take notes at the end of the opening and the middlegame with the plans to follow and anything else that will help us remember the important points of the chess opening. To help us with this task there are now computer programs such as ChessBase where we can add comments to our analysis of our games or a line we are researching.

Other alternatives are online chess sites, such as or, where you can create studies with comments.

Our Own Analysis

It is important that we do not repeat the same evaluations that we read in books or videos on the chess opening or analysis in particular, but that we make an evaluation with our own knowledge at the beginning and then combine it with other evaluations on that position or similar positions, in this way we will improve our own level and our understanding of chess.

Something that will speed up the improvement of our understanding is to have someone of a higher level than us comment on and share our evaluations, so that he, with his knowledge greater than ours, will guide us in the things that are failing in our evaluation. Without a doubt, the best thing is to have a FM (Fide Master), IM (International Master) or GM (Grand Master) to guide us.

If we repeat something we have heard or read without really understanding what is going on, the evaluation will lose its meaning, which is not only to tell us what is going on, but also to give us a guideline of what we have to do next.


Many openings usually have a large number of precise variations where if we change a move we can end up in a bad position, in these cases it is good to memorize the critical moves, but never neglect the understanding, the reason for the moves and where we are going. Our memory is fragile, it often fails us, but if we understand it, it will not be difficult for us to find the best moves on our own.

In this way we will undoubtedly become specialists not only in this chess opening, but also in the types of positions that arise from this opening, an advantage that we can use when there are many ways to play the game, we will always look for those positions where we feel much more comfortable, "it is better to fight on familiar ground than on undiscovered ground".

What kind of training chess openings do you do?

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