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14/04/2023 - Actualizado: 01/05/2023

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ChessBase is one of the most popular softwares in the chess world, it is used by all kinds of chess players, from club players to professional players.

It is a software that has a large number of functions, among which we can mention the ability to store and organize a large number of games, it allows us to do our own analysis and make comments, to use chess engines to analyze our games, online database, etc.

These are just some of the functions that ChessBase brings, there are also other functions that we will talk about today and see how we can make the most of them to improve our chess.

Online Database

To access the online game database we have to open a chessboard, put in a position we want to see and press "enter".


A window will move from below where we will be shown what has been played most in that position, the possible transpositions, the winning percentage and next to this data we are shown the best games containing this position (it usually shows games that have been played between professionals), along with the ELO rating of the players and the result of the game.

Once we select a game to view (by clicking on it), we can see the complete algebraic notation and the tournament in which the game was played (very important information to know how serious the game was).


Ways to Use the Online Database

This tool can be used if we don't have too much disk space to download a database.

We can also use it to look for model games to improve our opening or to look for novelties and unusual moves to surprise our opponent.

Replay Training

Replay Training is an option that we can see when we enter a game.


In this mode we can replay the game, the program will correct us when we make mistakes, it will show us the move we made with a score depending on how correct it is, and finally it will show us the move of the chess engine.

Ways to Use Replay Training

This tool is perfect for doing sparring and practicing not only our openings, as you might think, but also some critical middlegames of the Sicilian type, where it is necessary to be clear and even know some things by heart, it is also useful for practicing the endgames, where it is always important to be clear about them and to keep them fresh, especially the most common ones, since in the endgames it is generally when we have the least time and the one who has the clearest notions of the endgame is the one who will have the advantage.

Online Chess Engines

ChessBase has a "Cloud" section where we can upload our own databases to avoid wasting space in our storage and an option where we can access an online chess engine.

This option is perfect and I think it is designed for computers with less power or to be able to use the chess engines at higher power without consuming power from our computer.


We can ask ChessBase for reports so that the program shows us games where there are similarities depending on the position that we give it.

To use this function, it is necessary to open a chessboard and put in the position we want to research.

Then we go to the "Report" tab.


In this tab we can find all the reports that ChessBase offers, such as "Similar Endgame", "Similar Structures" and "Similar Moves".

Something very important to be able to use this function is that we need to have a database downloaded on our computer for ChessBase to do its search, in the current versions this tool does not work with online databases.

The ChessBase Store

Besides software, ChessBase has in its store courses about chess, databases, lessons, etc.

Among the chess courses we can find courses on openings, tactics, masterclasses and other topics.

The databases are compilations of a huge number of games, about 9 million games. In the database there are games from the year 1475 to 2022.

For more information, access the oficial page

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