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With the new technologies that are being developed lately such as cryptography and virtual currencies, there are platforms such as immortal game that offers the opportunity to earn money while playing chess, yes you read that right EARN MONEY while playing chess.

That is why today we are going to discover what this platform called immortal game is all about, where chess is mixed with NFT and cryptocurrencies, creating a community that brings together people who are fans of the three worlds mentioned above.

What is immortal game?

As mentioned in the introduction of this article, immortal game is a chess platform that allows people to earn money by simply playing against other people on its platform.

immortal game

Unlike the most known chess sites such as or that focus on chess, whether the users that enter have a beginner level or higher can use their platform without having much knowledge, in immortal it is necessary to know the basics of online chess platforms, in other words, it is not a platform for someone who has never played in another one like the ones we mentioned before, it is not a platform to learn to play chess but for someone who already has knowledge and experience playing chess online.

How do I earn money in immortal game?

On the platform you can earn money thanks to the market that has the NFTs and the cryptocurrency that is traded within the same platform ($CMT).

The chess pieces (pawn, rook, knight, bishop, queen and king) are the NFTs within the platform, by playing you will be given some of them, these bring missions that by completing them you can get rewards such as virtual currency, you can also sell your NFTs to buy others and claim better rewards.

Steps to play in immortal game

1- The first thing we have to do is to register (if you enter with this link you will receive 10% cashback on all NFTs purchased on your account and 2 Ageless pieces and one more discarded at the end of each week).

immortal game register
To create an account you have to click on "sign up"

2- Then you have to enter the credentials you want to use to log in to your account, you can also register with your Google account and use the wallet of your choice.

immortal game enter
You can log in with any method you wish, although when you wish to trade within the site you will need to have a wallet connected.

3- Once inside your account you will see some buttons like "play now" to play a game, "play puzzles" to train and improve your chess, a section of "uncoming Tournament" where you can find the tournaments that are or will be held so you can register and win rewards.

immortal game menu

A little further down you will find a section with quests that you can complete to earn virtual coins, and they also show your inventory with the NFTs you have along with the quests you have to do to unlock even more coins.

immortal game inventory

4- To buy NFTs with which to trade and earn many more rewards we have to go to the market button on the left side of the web.

immortal game marketplace
We have to click where it says "Marketplace" to enter the NFTs marketplace.

5- Once inside you will find all the NFTs that people have put up for sale and which you can compare to earn the rewards of the missions and trade them back (the value varies according to the price that each player puts on his NFT and the live value of the currency with which it is sold which is usually $ETH).

Immortal game market


We recommend that if you do not have much experience with cryptocurrencies, wallets or cryptographic it is better to only trade within the website with the rewards that the website provides and do not buy NFT until you understand what it is all about.

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