How Does The Queen Move In Chess?

24/05/2023 - Actualizado: 21/06/2023

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Meet the Queen, one of the monarchs and the most powerful piece of chess, let's learn her moves and her secrets that make her a true queen of the chessboard.

How Does The Queen Move In Chess

Generally we can recognize her thanks to the fact that on her head she wears a kind of crown with a sphere on it, unlike the king who wears a cross.

In chess books it can be recognized by the letter Q or by the following figure ♕, ♛ (depending on which side it is, white or black).

The numerical value assigned to the Queen is 9 being the highest (this can sometimes be a relative value and not the most important).

The starting position of the queen

The Queen always starts next to the King (behind the Pawns) and depending on the color of the queen is where it starts, if the queen is black it goes in the black square, if the queen is white it goes in the white square.

The starting position of the queen white
The starting position of the queen black

How Does The Queen Move

As we said at the beginning, the queen is the most powerful piece in chess, here a question may arise:

Why is the queen so powerful in chess?

The answer is because of the large number of squares through which it can move and control.
The queen's move is a combination of the Rook and the Bishop.

How Does The Queen Move

You can move to any of the boxes marked with blue and capture in the same way.

This is the reason for its great power. If the Queen is in the center of the board, she can control 27 squares out of a total of 64, lacking a few squares to control half of the entire board.

It cannot pass over an allied or enemy piece, as we can see in the following image.

How Does The Queen Move limit

The Queen controls a large number of squares even when she is in a corner of the board.

How Does The Queen Move corner

The role of the queen in chess

As we have seen with the examples, the Queen has mobility, control and power, qualities that are best exploited when it is used for offense (attack), also in some situations it can serve as a support piece or with a more defensive role, but occupying the most powerful piece in defensive work is a bit sad.

If the queen were to speak her dream would be to be as centralized on the board as possible so that she could move everywhere in a few moves and be able to attack when necessary, she always wants to be besieging the enemy's pieces and king.

Best piece to accompany the queen

The queen works well with all the pieces (even with the king in the endgame) but works specifically better with the knight, because of the flexibility of the knight and its ability to pass over enemy pieces.

With the rest of the long-range pieces such as the rook or the bishop, it also works very well thanks to its combined long-range power.

Take care of the queen

Being the most powerful piece, if we lose it, it is almost a victory for our rival (unless we exchange it for the rival Queen or equivalent).

This is one of the reasons why moving the queen at the beginning of the game is not a good idea, since the opponent can attack it very easily, forcing us to move it again and thus lose a lot of time, while our opponent gains more time to position his pieces and launch an attack for which we will not be prepared

If the queen is the most powerful piece in chess, how powerful is the king?

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