Anna Muzychuk: The life of a talented player


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Great sportsmen not only stand out when they obtain great achievements on the chessboard, or when the magic of their moves make everyone enjoy a beautiful game, it also makes a great player great to have solid principles, as Anna Muzychuk has demonstrated in her chess career.

Anna Muzychuk The life of a talented player

The talented Ukrainian Anna Muzycuk, started her way in the world of chess when she was very young, winning multiple championships, among which stand out the world category of women's Blitz, as well as the runner-up in classical chess, being probable that in the near future she will take this world crown.

Who is Anna Muzychuk?

The birth of the talented player Anna Muzychuk took place on February 28, 1990, in the city of Lviv in Ukraine.

Anna Muzychuk grew up in a family where chess was very important, as both her father Oleh Muzychuk and her mother Natalia Muzychuk, were professional chess masters teaching their daughters to play at a tender age, which allowed Anna to excel in numerous children's tournaments.

This chess player took her first steps in chess while she was taking her first steps in life, since she started playing at the age of two, learning the principles of this sport at the age of three.

Anna Muzychuk and her first steps in the world of chess

At the age of five he participated in his first important tournament played in his hometown, Lviv, where he won second place in the U10 children's tournament.

After this impressive performance, he won the silver medal in the European U10 tournament and went on to win the gold medal in this competition in 1998, repeating the feat in 2000.

That same year, 2000, she was crowned U10 champion in Ukraine and won the bronze medal at the world championship in the same category.

The following year she played in the U12 category and won the silver medal in the European tournament, although in 2002 she won the gold medal in both the Ukrainian and European championships and was runner-up in the world chess tournament.

By 2001, Anna Muzychuk had already surpassed the 2,100 FIDE Elo barrier, so she was named WFM or FIDE Women's Master, and the following year she became an international chess master, WIM.

The road to becoming one of the best female chess players in the world

Anna Muzychuk Ukrainian women's champion and player of the Slovenian national team.

In 2003 Anna Muzychuk achieved one of the greatest titles of her early career, winning the Ukrainian women's tournament, along with the European championship again in the U14 category, and the following year the Ukrainian U20 tournament, winning the silver medal in the world tournament.

Despite these achievements in her motherland, Anna Muzychuk received an offer she could not refuse, from the Slovenian national team who offered her a contract with several important supports for her career for 10 years, playing for this nation from 2004 to 2014.

It was this Slovenian period that allowed Anna Muzychuk to become one of the best chess players on the planet, winning important trophies.

For example, one of the most notable victories for the Slovenian national team and for Muzychuk in particular, was at the 2004 Olympiad held in Russia where the talented Ukrainian defeated the winner of the competition Antoaneta Stefanova.

European Women's Blitz Champion in 2007 and on her way to becoming a GM.

At the age of 17 in Romania Anna Muzychuk would have one of her most outstanding performances in the 2007 Rapid and Blitz tournament, winning the European Women's Blitz Championship, tying for first place in Rapid, although she would eventually finish second. She crowned that successful year by becoming IM, i.e. International Master.

With only 17 years old and a great track record in the world of chess, the next goal was to reach the GM title.

Anna Muzychuk exceeds 2,600 Elo FIDE

In 2010 she would obtain an important victory in the World Junior Women's Championship, validating her good results in 2011 when she was undefeated in the Shenzhen Women's Tournament taking second place, since GM Hou Yifan would take first place.

The other important tournament that would confer him the title of GM, was the European Team Championship, in which he would obtain the most outstanding participation in an individual way, allowing him to become GM the following year.

Anna Muzychuk exceeds 2,600 Elo FIDE

The Ukrainian chess GM who has crossed the 2,600 FIDE Elo, entering the select group of the best players in the world.

Before her, only the legendary Judit Polgar, Humpy Koneur and Hou Yifan had achieved this distinction, and she is the fourth woman to pass this historic milestone.

That year she won the bronze medal at the European Women's Chess Championship, and took fourth place at the Golden Classic tournament in Amsterdam.

The first women's world Blitz championship

In 2014 chess player Anna Muzychuk would finally achieve her first gold medal at world level in April, this being the last major competition she would play under the Slovenian flag.

In May she again represented her native Ukraine, winning the Ukrainian women's championship in her hometown of Lviv and third place in that year's Olympics representing Ukraine.

The following year she would conquer the second place in the European Championship, and prepared to compete in the 2016 Women's World Blitz and World Rapid Championships.

World Blitz and Rapid World Champion 2016

Another peak year in her chess career was 2016, winning the silver medal at the Women's Chess Olympiads and placing number nine in Gibraltar, where a special tournament was held that brought together more than two hundred GMs from around the world.

Anna Muzychuk World Blitz and Rapid

However, the most important achievements of that year were the Blitz and Rapid world championships, which would give him great international prestige.

In 2017 conquered the second place in the world classical chess championship, after losing to GM Tan Zhongyi.

Anna Muzychuk and the defense of gender equality

In 2017 she would have the opportunity to revalidate her world titles with a juicy prize of 250 thousand dollars, however, as the tournament would be played in Saudi Arabia place where women have great restrictions, including foreign women, she decided not to participate in that contest raising her voice about this injustice.

In recent years her most outstanding achievement was the gold medal at the 2022 World Olympiad, held in the city of Chennai in India, besides being one of the leading chess players in Spain, after settling in Valencia due to the outbreak of war in Ukraine.

Here you can find a compilation of their games

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