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Nowadays, thanks to our smartphones, we can have everything we need in our day on them.

Chess applications are not far behind, so today we are going to show you which are the chess applications that every chess player, whether a beginner or intermediate level, should have to maintain their chess level or to train in their free time.

Chess apps to play

First we are going to learn about some applications to play chess, we are going to see two with which we can play online as well as against the computer and another where you can only play against the computer.


This is the app, one of the best-known websites on the entire internet, where you can play against people from all over the world, train with tactical problems, watch broadcasts, read articles or write your own and play against the computer against different chess bots that always rotate and add more.

chess app

You can have all of this in the comfort of your phone, but to have access to all the content in full it is necessary to pay for a membership.


It is the app of the also very famous website dedicated to chess, where many players also meet to play games against chess players from all over the world.

chess app lichess

This chess app also has a section for training tactics, articles, videos about chess and training, and broadcasts of tournaments where professional players play. All this and more, totally free.

Chess club

It is a totally offline app where you play against the computer in different levels that you can configure yourself.

chess app chess club

This chess app is recommended if you are a beginner and want to put into practice what you know about chess before facing real rivals or if you are at an intermediate level and want to put into practice more sophisticated strategies that you are learning and then use them against your real rivals.

Chess apps for training

Now we will see the best applications to be able to train your chess anywhere with your smart phone.

We will see two applications, one to train tactics offline (without an internet connection) and another to train your visualization and calculation in chess.

CT-ART 4.0

Ct-art is a chess application that brings many exercises to train tactics, it can be ordered by level of difficulty or by theme.

chess app ct art 4.0

Although you have to pay to access all the exercises (it's around $7 for a one-time fee), but with the free version you can still access enough exercises for a good daily workout.

Blindfold Chess Offline

It is a chess application to train the blind, that is, without seeing the pieces. In this application you can practice your visualization with a large number of exercises such as knowing what color the square they ask you is, solving tactical problems without seeing the pieces, moving a piece three times without seeing the board.

chess app Blindfold Chess Offline

This app may seem a little more advanced but once you practice with it you will see that little by little you begin to improve your visualization and your calculation in chess.

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