How to train with chess bot for beginners?


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If you are a beginner who is just starting to play chess, you may not yet feel confident enough to play against other people in person or online.

That's why today I bring you some chess bot that will be your companions so you can practice, train with them and even learn many strategies that they themselves use.

What is a chess bot?

Chess bot are automatons that are programmed to be able to play chess with all its rules and strategies, always with a limiting force that is dictated by the programmer or the chess engine behind the bot.

chess bot

Simply put, they are computers that know how to play chess with limited playing strength.

The chess bot calculates all the possible moves of a position and chooses the one they think is the best.

Where and how to play against a chess bot?

Now that we know our new friends a little better, let's see where we can find them.

On the famous platform we can find a lot of different bot against which we can practice, although a couple of them are blocked and we need to pay the membership, in order to have access to all of them plus some other benefits.

To find the chess bot on you first need to have an account on the platform and log in. Once inside you must click on "Play".

chess bot

And once inside you must click on "Computer".

chess bot 2

Here you can see all the chess bot you can play against.

chess bot choose

The strength of the bot is next to the name in brackets, it is represented in ELO, the higher the number, the better the bot will play.

chess bot ELO

Once you have chosen the bot you want to fight against, you only need to select it and press "Choose".

Lichess is another platform for playing chess online, which unlike is totally free.

In it we can find chess bot that the same people are uploading and updating continuously.

To find the bot we first need a Lichess account and login to our account.

Once we are inside we have to click on "Community".

Once inside, we will find the best players of each rhythm within the page, and on the left side we can find a section that says "Online bots" there we must click.

Here we can find a large number of bot against which we can play for free.

You just need to choose the bot you want to play against and click on "Play".

App para smartphones

In the Play store or Apple store there are many applications where you can play against the computer at different level

How to train with chess bot?

In order to take advantage of our chess bot before we start playing against them we have to have a clear objective, what we are going to practice.

For example, it may be something new we are learning in chess such as castling, piece movement, a new strategy or an opening we want to practice.

This is very important, we do not have to give so much importance to the result of the game, what is really important is what we want to improve or learn. In time, victories will come thanks to the work and effort we put into improving our understanding of chess.

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