The Benefit of Chess In The Schools


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Chess has always had a certain popularity thanks to the fame it has had for many years of being the king board game, where two people duel using their minds as weapons. That is why today we are going to talk about the benefits of chess in the schools where children are in full development of their cognitive abilities.

The Benefit of Chess In The Schools

Benefits of chess in the schools

Logical thinking

Logical thinking is our ability to solve problems in a coherent manner and children can develop this skill early on is very important because every day in our lives we are solving problems, some bigger and more important than others, but we are always solving problems.

Chess helps to improve this skill because it always puts you in situations where there are many paths to choose from and you must choose the path that is most in line with your strategy and that makes the most sense with what is happening on the board.


Imagination is also a characteristic that chess pushes children to develop, since many times we have to find the best move of the position using our knowledge and imagination that sometimes result in spectacular moves.


Something that is undoubtedly important in the development of children is self-confidence, being able to trust in what they think and what they believe is right.

Chess being an individual game where the battle is you against your opponent, without a team behind you that can help you choose the best move or help you in difficult moments of the game, so it is very important that we trust ourselves and chess always puts us tests for us to gradually heal and improve our confidence in ourselves.

Many times we doubt if the move we are going to make is the right one or we should think of another one, in these moments is when we have to rely on our knowledge and effort that we have dedicated to improve our game.

Improve our decision making

Something that is a little more advanced, but just as important for the development and future of children is that they are always calibrating their decision making, that as they grow older their decision making is also evolving.

To improve in any sport of a more physical nature it is necessary to train the muscles of our body, but in chess to improve our game it is necessary to improve our decision making. We always have to check how and in what order we think our moves before making them, to see if we are playing automatically without following any order and logic or if we are following a properly elaborated strategy.

Losing the fear of making mistakes

The fear of failure is something that we all have to some extent, it is written in our DNA that being wrong is bad and we should avoid it, but when it comes to sports like chess that are very mental we must forget that idea, as it is the most effective way to learn. Many times we have to take risky decisions where the slightest mistake can lead us to defeat, even if we lose we will take a great lesson of what was the mistake we made and what we can do better in the future.

It is very important for children to feel comfortable making mistakes while they learn and progress not only in chess but throughout their formative years.

Chess for everyone

The good news is that these skills are not only developed in children. Get to know this fantastic world.

You know other benefits of chess in the schools?

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