Anish Giri - Biography, Achievements and Chess Career

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Anish Giri is known today as one of the most amazing chess players in the world. Born in the Netherlands in June 1994, he holds the title of Grandmaster at the age of 28 and has represented his country in several tournaments and competitions.

Giri is extremely talented and has the ability to use many computer programs with great ease. He is also fluent in several languages including English, Dutch, Russian and German.

How Did Anish Giri Get Started in Chess?

Anish Giri says that chess presented itself to him at the age of 6. He claims that he has a certain Russian culture at the moment of playing his game, although having moved to Japan when he was 8 years old, he also absorbed a part of this culture.

Since his beginnings, he has gradually progressed to the point that at the age of 11, his ELO rating was 2,100. This led him to win many of the junior tournaments he entered in Russia at the age of 13.

In his early years he was a pupil of great chess masters and players, including Vladimir Tukmakov and Vladimir Chuchelov.

Anish Giri Playing Style

Anish Giri is known to have certain tactics during his games, mainly he is quite flexible but also very solid. He usually does not leave any gaps in his moves, which is why he has become a difficult opponent to defeat.

Anish Giri

His strategy and playing style have led him to win games even when his advantage is very small, by making timely but subtle decisions. The player himself claims that indecision in the face of a game is what makes the outcome fateful.

It is worth mentioning that Anish Giri claims that his playing style is not static but dynamic; every year he varies, learns and evolves, every day he becomes more technical.

Anish Giri as Grandmaster

Anish Giri achieved the title of Grandmaster at the age of 14, after winning the third norm in the Netherlands. At the time, Giri was the youngest player to win the title.

He won the Grandmaster title at the Corus Tournament as part of Group C after defeating Eduardo Iturrizaga of Venezuelan nationality, who already held the Grandmaster title.

Champion of the Netherlands

When he was 15 years old, Anish Giri was the winner of the championship held in the Netherlands. In 2009 he won the Corus Tournament in Group B, beating many grandmasters such as Wesley So and Arkadij Naiditsch.

Tata Steel Tournament

In 2011 he participated in the Tata Steel Tournament where he achieved a score of 6.5/13, which is quite respectable. He beat players such as Wang Hao and Alexei Shirov.

One of the things that can be highlighted about this tournament and that has been said positively about Anish Giri is that during his participation he managed to beat Magnus Carlsen.

Years later, when he participated in this tournament again, he came second along with Sergey Karjakin. This time he was ahead of grandmasters such as Caruana and Harikrishna, but finished behind Levon Aronian, who took the first place.

He won the tournament in 2018.

Anish Giri

From 2015 to 2020

The Year 2015

In this year Anish Giri participated in the London Chess Classic, a tournament in which there was a big draw between Maxime Vachier Lagrave, Carlsen and Giri himself, reason why they had to go to a tiebreaker, where Vachier Lagrave was the winner.

The Year 2017  

In this year Anish Giri participated in a tournament in which there were a total of 264 players, a tournament called Reykjavik Open, in which he was the winner.

The Year 2019

He again took part in the Tata Steel Tournament, where he again finished second, behind Carlsen. However, not everything was so bad, as he was ahead of excellent competitors such as Ding Liren, Vladimir Fedoseev, Kramnik and others.

In the same year he is named as the chess player with the highest ELO rating of the current year.

The Year 2020

Anish Giri became one of the youngest candidates for FIDE, from whom there were quite high expectations. However, it was Ian Nepomniachtchi who emerged victorious on this occasion and would face Carlsen a year later.

Among his best victories, however, we can mention the one in which he managed to beat Fabiano Caruana, but failed against Alexander Grischuk. He therefore finished third with a score of 7.5/14, a place he shared with Caruana.

Anish Giri as a Writer

In addition to his proven skills as a chess player, Anish Giri happens to be an excellent writer. He regularly publishes in the magazine "New in Chess".

Also one of the books he has written is entitled "After Magnus", in which he talks about 10 of the possible world champions. He also has another book in which he talks about himself and more specifically about the victories he has achieved. It is called "My Junior Years in 20 Games".

Another of his outstanding books is called "The Sicilian Dragon", in which he develops in detail game strategies, moves, counter-attacks and more.

Here you can find a compilation of their games

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