Benefits Of Chess In The Adult, For A Better Life

18/04/2023 - Actualizado: 01/05/2023

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In a previous article we talked about benefits of chess for children, today we are going to focus on the older ones, we are going to see that chess always brings benefits no matter at what age it is played.

Chess is so rich in diversity that it is capable of bringing together a 60-year-old adult and an 8-year-old child in front of a chessboard and both have an equal chance of winning, or people of different races, genders or anything else that identifies us. In chess there is no discrimination of any kind (if there is, it is because of the people, not because of the game), this is perfectly embodied in the proverb "At the end of the game, the king and the pawn go back in the same box".

Benefits Of Chess In The Adult

Benefits of Chess in Adulthood

It Helps Prevent Alzheimer's Disease

Playing chess has been proven to help prevent Alzheimer's disease (here is an article) because it keeps our brains active, as well as doing activities such as crosswords, puzzles, sudoku helps prevent this disease in the future; very few people who keep their brains active are prone to developing this disease in the future.

It Helps Socialize with People Who Have the Same Taste for Chess

Developing a love of chess allows you to socialize with other adult chess enthusiasts, especially if you join a chess club. This is the perfect place to spend a good afternoon enjoying chess; some clubs offer lessons exclusively for adults. Even if you play online, there are forums and blogs where people can express their opinions on various topics related to chess.

Benefits of Chess

It Helps Develop and Improve Cognitive Skills

As we explained in the article "Benefits of Chess for Children", it also helps improve cognitive skills in adults; in addition to those explained in that article, we can mention memory, a greater ability to solve problems, and it helps with the mobility of the hands (which is the part of our body most involved in face-to-face chess) in older adults in the third age.

It Promotes Self-Improvement

Something extremely important is that it fosters the desire to improve oneself by constantly competing with people of different ages, children, teenagers, and adults.


There are many tournaments called "senior" where adults over fifty compete (the Senior World Championship has two categories, over 50 and over 60), and there are even championships where countries form teams to compete. Proof that even if you want to compete, it is possible with chess.

Opportunity to Develop a Career in Chess

The opportunity to make a living from chess, yes you read that right, MAKE A LIVING FROM CHESS; the chess federations of each country often teach courses for chess coaches and arbiters, where you can get a certificate, and if you add a project for a school or institution, this can open many doors for you to work as a chess teacher and disseminator (as it happened to me 😁). You may also have the opportunity to specialize at a more professional level by obtaining instructor certificates or, in the case of arbiters, becoming an international arbiter.

It Helps Break Bad Habits or Prevent Addictions

Chess develops deep rational thinking, which helps you have greater control over your decisions and better impulse control, thanks to the ability to see the consequences of your decisions more clearly in the future.

Benefits Of Chess for all

As we have seen chess brings benefits for all ages and at any time of our life, we can only approach a chess club where we can soak up good chess.

What other benefits does chess bring?

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