Does Chess Make You Smarter?


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Many questions have been asked about chess and intelligence such as: does chess make you smarter? Or do only intelligent people play chess? Today in this article we are going to answer these questions.

What is Chess?

First we have to know what chess is and what are its general characteristics.

Chess is a board game, invented many years ago (the inventor is unknown), it is a game similar to poker, but with the difference that in poker some variables or data are hidden (the cards that are in the deck) but in chess all the data are at our disposal (we see at all times our pieces and the rival pieces) and depending on how skilled we are, we can be see more or less data in it.

poker and chess

In chess our victory depends on how well we understand the game and how well we combine its tools such as tactics and strategy.

Chess as a Sport

As in all sports whether we win or not depends on our ability in it, but this does not mean that we need to be born with something special to be able to play or excel in the game.

All the skills necessary to play well in any sport can be learned and improved through the time we dedicate and the training we choose to undergo.

Chess as a Sport

Does chess make you smarter?

According to what we have said so far, the answer is yes, chess makes you smarter, because it is a mental game in which we are thinking and solving problems all the time, which forces our brain to always go one step further and improve.

When we talk about intelligence, we are talking about the ability to solve problems in different situations in our daily lives.

Other benefits of playing chess

In addition, chess not only helps us to improve our intelligence, but it also helps us in many areas of our brain, for example:

Imagination - Chess forces us to look for new ways and means to achieve our goal of winning the game. Chess is so immense that it is very difficult for us to play the same game twice.

Memory- In chess it is also necessary to learn some strategies or tactics that will make it much simpler to win or defend some positions.

Does chess make you smarter?

Logical Thinking- When making a move in chess we must always take into account the move or response of our opponent in order to be prepared for the threats he may throw at us. It is action - reaction, when I move a piece our opponent will move another.

Mental Agility - There are different rhythms of play in chess, in some we only have seconds to think and find the best move for the position. These rhythms force our brain to be faster and make decisions using our skills and intuition.

Do only intelligent people play chess?

Not at all, as we talked before chess creates and enhances our mental abilities. It is the same as a person who is just starting to play basketball, to practice this sport it is not necessary to be an athlete, practicing basketball often starts to transform you into an athlete thanks to your effort and dedication to the sport.

In Summary

If you decide to practice chess, you will undoubtedly improve your cognitive skills that in addition to improve your skills in chess itself, your daily life will also benefit and it is not necessary to be a genius to acquire these skills.

"You don't need to be a genius to play chess, chess makes you a genius."

Learn chess

if you want to start this beautiful journey in the world of chess visit our section for Beginners and learn everything you need to play and achieve your first victories.

Does chess make you smarter? What do you think?

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