Masterclass Garry kasparov: The best chess course by one of the best in the chess world

03/05/2023 - Actualizado: 21/06/2023

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There is a huge amount of online chess courses, so much material that it seems almost impossible to know which one is better, which one is more suitable for my level, where to find a good chess coach? In this article we will answer these questions and we are going to recommend you only one course (The Masterclass), good enough to be able to recommend it without fail.

One of the Best

For the most experienced players, a name they should know a lot is that of Garry Kasparov, a man who has written his name in chess, being considered by many as top 5 and even top 3 best chess players in history.

masterclass garry kasparov

Now if I were to tell you that we have the option of receiving classes from Garry Kasparov himself. I am sure that more than one would not believe it, but it is true, we can have as a coach one of the best players in history and added to the fact that it is for less than 20 dollars, this makes it an unmissable opportunity, a chance that we cannot miss.

MasterClass Plataform

Before we look at what the course brings, let's take a look at the platform where the course is taught.


MasterClass is an online learning platform, but it is not just another platform like many others that exist online. In MasterClass classes are taught by the best exponents on the subject, among them we have Tony Hawk with a masterclass on skateboarding, Stephen Curry himself talking about shooting, ball-handing and scoring, the award-winning Serena Williams teaching us about her greatest passion, tennis, among many of the best in different disciplines.


It works through a membership by which you can access all the contents of different disciplines and activities. As we have seen, they are taught by the best in the world.


The quality of his videos is unique. By watching the trailers of the courses (which can be viewed for free), we will realize the great quality of his videos.

MasterClass Garry Kasparov

Now that we have quickly seen the quality of the MasterClass platform, we can dive into the topics that Garry Kasparov's fantastic class brings us.

The MasterClass has a duration of 7 hours and 20 minutes, which are divided into 29 classes, in which Kasparov has an interesting start in favor of people who are just starting and as he advances he goes into topics for those who have a more intermediate level. A structure designed for all levels to benefit from his course, helping beginners to get interested in chess and helping intermediate level players to improve their game.

masterclass garry kasparov


At the beginning of the course he starts teaching us the fundamental principles of chess, explaining how he sees chess and then continues with tactical issues such as:

Double Attacks


Discovered Attacks





Winning Trades




Now begin the topics that are more for an intermediate level where the focus is more in the field of analysis.

He begins with a simultaneous introducing us to his students who have different levels, with which more than one of us will feel identified. At the end of the simultaneous he analyzes the games of his students, this is the introduction of this module focused on analysis.

The topics seen in this final part of the course are:

Case Study: Opening

Case Study: Endgame

Garry’s Journey

How to Analyze

Computers and Chess

Mental Toughness


  • I recommend (especially to those who are starting in the world of chess) not to advance to the second part of the course without being clear about the tactical themes of the first part. It is better to practice the topics for a few days before moving on to the next one, for example, after watching the Double Attacks chapter it is better to practice this topic for about three days before moving on.
  • In order to get the most out of this Garry Kasparov's MasterClass it is very important that we not only watch the videos as one more, but that we do our part to learn in an active way, that we always try to solve the exercises by ourselves (we have the possibility to use the pause button) taking as much time as we need to achieve the solution.
  • This course should not be seen as a Netflix series, where we usually watch many chapters in a single day, even the whole series in a single day. We will only advance when we are clear about the contents of the chapter, otherwise our doubts will accumulate and at the end of the course we will only end up with more doubts than learning.

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