Where To Play Chess Online?

09/04/2023 - Actualizado: 01/05/2023

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With the recent outbreak of the pandemic, we all had to stay at home play chess online. This forced us to work and do almost all our activities from the comfort of our homes, everything was done through the computer.

Face-to-face chess was not possible due to health restrictions. This helped online chess take off. Today we will review the most important websites to play chess, we will review their main features.


Lichess is an open-source site (where everyone can access its source code), all its functions are completely free, it is supported by volunteers and donations.

play chess online lichess

Between functions provided by Lichess for free, you will be able to enjoy playing with people from all over the world; if you have the points (virtual Elo within the site), you can even get to play with the best and most famous players of the moment, who usually stop by Lichess to play chess online.


It has the option to let the strongest chess engines of the moment, such as the latest version of Stockfish, analyze your games, where the evaluation will show your mistakes and which move would be better for that position.

Tactical Training

You can also practice tactics with the different modes, such as the "Classic" mode, where you can solve puzzles one after the other, the "Streak" mode, where the level increases with each solved puzzle, the "Storm" mode, where you have a three-minute timer to solve as many puzzles as possible and the difficulty also increases with each puzzle, and the "Race" mode, where the one who has solved the most puzzles in the given time wins.

Finding a Coach

Here chess teachers or coaches have the opportunity to publish their services, their lessons so that anyone can hire them, along with a section where you can create lessons to share the moves, the perfect place for chess instructors to teach.


A system to help content creators get more visibility, by adding "Lichess.org" to their title, streamers will be displayed on the main Lichess screen and on the special tab showing all streamers using the platform.


Finally, a section for your community where you can create teams to compete in tournaments among team members or compete as a team against other teams. It has a forum and a blog where community members can share and discuss their opinions.

Summary of Lichess

Lichess focuses entirely on the user experience and is dedicated to continuously improving it, it has all its options in full view of the user so that you can get to the section you need with just a few clicks, and best of all, it is completely free.

If you know about code and like chess, Lichess becomes an oasis where you can contribute to the development of the site and enjoy play chess online.

As a disadvantage, it is worth mentioning that one of its main features, the fact that it is free, allows anyone to log on to the site, mostly people who want to enjoy a game of chess, but a smaller group logs on to the site with malicious intentions, such as cheating with the help of computer programs (Lichess has a very good cheat detection system, which helps minimize cases).


Chess.com is another of the most popular chess platforms on the Internet, but unlike Lichess it is not all free, it offers paid features that you can get by paying a subscription (Gold, Platinum, Diamond), each with its own level of benefits. Chess.com is more visually appealing, it has its own play area where, like Lichess, if you have enough points, you can play chess online with the best players.


It has the function of reviewing the games, where the engine tells us if we played our best or if there was something to improve. It also has the function of rating the quality of our moves, from big mistakes to brilliant moves, as well as the function of explaining the moves that need to be improved and a deeper analysis, all this is included in the membership, it is limited to one use only if the user is free.

Tactical Training

It has three modes to solve problems, the puzzles where the user solves the problems in the classic way. The famous "Puzzle Rush", where you have to solve problems in a certain time, three minutes, five minutes or the option of no time.


It has a section for creators, where all the streamers connected to the same site are displayed


They publish articles every day to help new players, more experienced players and chess news articles.

They have YouTube channels in different languages where they are always doing activities either for the community or broadcasting the most important tournaments of the moment, they even have a channel dedicated to children where all the information is oriented towards their fun and learning.

They also have a community tab where you can create teams, exchange information among community members in forums and blogs.

Summary of Chess.com

Chess.com is the perfect platform for people who are starting out in the world of online chess, it is optimized to be very easy and intuitive to use (when you create your account, they ask you what your level is).

They have an ecosystem of YouTube videos and Twitch broadcasts to help new users get started in the world of chess.

As a disadvantage, it is worth mentioning that it is necessary to pay a membership (you can access a trial period of 7 days to try all the features), where you will have features depending on the membership you purchase.

Conclusion For Play Chess Online

Lichess and Chess.com are among the most famous websites on the Internet that have contributed to the growing popularity of chess today. Each of them has its pros and cons.

Chess.com is more recommended for people who do not have much experience in the world of online chess; without paying for any membership, you can still enjoy the site and a good afternoon playing chess, while Lichess is recommended if you have a little more experience in online chess, and if you become familiar with every feature of the site, it is very easy to use, although no one stops us from signing up on each, discovering and enjoying of play chess online.

What do you like most about each of them?

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