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If you have been playing online chess for some time or even compete in tournaments valid for ELO FIDE, most probably you are already a player with an intermediate level of chess and you are eager to improve in it.

That's why today we bring chess tips for intermediate players, we are going to give some keys so you can improve your level and even if you manage to master these keys, you can reach a master level in chess.

If you still think you are a bit short of being an intermediate chess player, you can check our guide for beginner players.

Chess Tips For Intermediate Players

Before starting with all the tips it is important to clarify that you must be very clear about the basics of chess, such as moves and captures, tactical patterns, check and checkmate.

If you are not very clear about these issues, it can affect your future improvement.

Chess is 90% tactical

Most chess games are won or lost because of tactical issues, that is why it is so important to have it very well trained. Tactics is the same as the physical condition that a basketball player must have to play at his best level.

One of the best chess tips for intermediate players who wish to improve is to practice a lot of tactics, to dedicate a definite amount of time to them on a daily basis.

Chess Tips For Intermediate Players-Chess is 90% tactical

For example, that they dedicate one hour a day every day, an hour defined in their schedule to focus solely on doing tactical problems (the time they dedicate depends on the time each one can dedicate, knowing that the more the better).

This can be done with the help of books with many problems, applications for cell phones or online platforms such as and that have their own section for solving problems.

Develop your own style

When we learn to play chess we all dedicate time to learn the same, the basic moves, the special moves, how to checkmate and what is castling, among other things.

But when we already understand all the basics and wish to continue progressing in chess, it is much more important that we develop our own style of play.

For this it is necessary that we know what we are better at or what we do better in chess than other things such as endgames, openings, strategy or any other skill.

chess tips for intermediate players-Develop your own style

Once we have identified which is our strong point, which is our main weapon, what we have to do now is to enhance it, dedicating a lot of time in our training.

Having this super weapon in your arsenal will give you a big advantage over the other players who train a little bit of everything, since they will be good at everything, but you will be a specialist in that skill.

I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.

Bruce Lee

For that skill to make sense in our chess, we have to direct our moves and ideas to the type of positions in which to occupy our weapon, for example, if you are good tactically your goal is to take your opponent to more risky and aggressive positions, but if you are a more positional player your mission is to enter a more calm and maneuvering position. The same happens if you are a good endgamer or a more intuitive player, you have to make the most of your best weapon.

Transform Your Weakness Into a Strength

In the previous point we talked about your strongest point, now it's time to talk about your weakness.

It is also very important that you dedicate a lot of time to improve that which you do worst in chess, with the intention that it ceases to be a weakness that your opponents can take advantage of.

For example, let's say you have a low level in chess endgames, in this case your duty is to dedicate time to improve your endgames, and in some time thanks to your effort you will improve your endgames considerably, enough so that it is not the skill you do worst.

Chess Tips For Intermediate Players Transform Your Weakness Into a Strength

At that moment it is time to look for the next worst thing you do as it could be your knowledge of openings and in this way little by little but in an effective way, you will improve all your understanding in chess.

Your brain works better focused

Your brain works best when it is focused on learning a few skills at the same time so it is much better to concentrate on improving the two things I just mentioned, what you do best at chess so that it remains a strength and what you do worst so that it is no longer a weakness.

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What other good chess tips for intermediate players do you know?

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