Chess Tips for beginners to start strong


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In recent times chess has gained much popularity thanks to chess websites, tournaments and broadcasts that are made of them and the famous series "The Queen's Gambit", so today we will give some chess tips for beginners to start in a good way their way through the wonderful world of chess.

Chess Tips for beginners


Remember that it is a game, at the beginning it is normal that we lose more times than we win, especially if you started a short time ago.

Chess Tips for beginners enjoy

The important thing to start, is to soak up the world of chess, watching videos (even if at first you do not understand them), watch broadcasts where chess professionals like Magnus Carlsen, Ian Nepomniachtchi, Ding Liren (the current world champion) and everything that catches your attention of chess, in this way your brain will gradually begin to understand chess and above all enjoy discovering this wonderful world.

Learn all the basics

Before moving on to more complex things like tactics, strategy, endgames or openings it is very important that you know all the basics very well.

You should have no doubts about how the pieces move and take, what is check, checkmate, stalemate and castling. Having these topics very clear is fundamental for you to be able to advance without any gaps that can harm you, when learning the topics that are a little more advanced.

Playing Regularly

Play games with friends or online, even if you don't feel prepared or confident. This is vital for you to put into practice the things you are learning and also to learn from the moves and strategies that your opponents are using.

Playing about 3 games at 10 min or longer for each player on a daily basis is sufficient.

Join a chess club

Surrounding yourself with chess, being able to relate with other people who have similar interests to yours and also that together you are a big family that is willing to help you, are some of the benefits that joining a chess club brings you.

Chess Tips for beginners join chess club

In almost every city there is always at least one chess club, in case yours does not exist or is too far away you can also join the chess groups that are formed on the Internet as in pages dedicated to chess, or

Remember to play with all your pieces

In chess it is very important that we engage with entire army (all our pieces) in battle.

It makes no sense to play with only some of our pieces, at the beginning it is normal to be afraid of being captured by the most important pieces, but the key to overcome this fear is just playing with those pieces that we are afraid to occupy, even if we eat some of them along the way. With practice you will begin to understand when it is good to move the major pieces and when it is better to move the pawns.

Set small goals

This is one of the best chess tips for beginners, setting small goals to progress little by little is very important.

When we talk about setting small goals I mean that we do training consciously, that you learn or improve a skill regardless of the outcome.

For example, that you play games with the objective of not leaving your pieces unprotected, or that you play with the goal of learning when it is good to take out the queen to play, the important thing is to improve little by little by setting these objectives.

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What other chess tips for beginners do you know?

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